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Planning for Sports Transitions
You've lived the dream... What's next?

For the special considerations of professional athletes, a career coach can help you navigate change, assess skills, interests and values, identify and evaluate options, and focus on success. Deeta Lonergan is a Certified Sports Counselor. Her four-step process will guide you to a game plan - beyond the game.

hockey puck Step One

Plan A: Focusing on the Dream - Professional Athlete
Working hard, playing hard, making the team, being successful
Staying strong and healthy
Understanding communication and learning styles
Identifying and overcoming road blocks
Living the Dream
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Baseball Step Two

Plan B: After the Dream -
Planning Ahead for Change and Transition
Defining the role of your sport in your life
Dealing with change and loss
Assessing skills, interests and values
Dreaming new dreams
Identifying new options - Coaching, Managing, Announcing and more...
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basketball Step Three

3 Key Questions:
What if? (I get injured... don't make the team...)
What else? (What else can I do? Identify and prioritize options.)
What's next? (Decide. Set goals. Plan your strategy.)
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football Step Four

The Next Phase
Understanding and mastering the job search
Creating opportunities that fit your uniqueness
Identifying resources
Developing and contacting your network
Planning and implementing a job search strategy
Working your plan
Landing your new job/beginning your new role
Preparing for your next transition
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More resources at the National Institute of Sports Professionals

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