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Career Services for Individuals (Individual Career Counseling | Strategic Coaching)

Career Transitions offers individual counseling and strategic coaching services to guide, support, and encourage people in navigating their life transitions.

Individual Career Counseling

Q: Why should I consider career counseling?

A. The advantage of individual counseling is that it provides guidance specifically tailored to the details of your situation. Most people find that their career choices or job dissatisfaction are due to multiple factors in their work and personal lives. Individual counseling gives you the flexibility to explore these issues in depth.

Q. How long will it take?

A. It usually takes six to eight sessions with a counselor to identify the issues and implement a plan for progress. Once your strategy is clear, you may want to enroll in one of our classes; this gives you additional guidance at a lower per-hour rate, along with the benefits of meeting others who are working toward similar goals.

Q. Is individual counseling or a group class better for me?

A. Many people decide to do both. A private introductory session or two can help establish your direction, so that a 30-hour class like Reinventing Your Career is more focused and relevant. Individual sessions can be added between classes or after the class has completed, so that you keep momentum to achieve your action plan.

Q. I'm in the right career but I still feel dissatisfied. Can you help?

A. Yes. For people who are in the right line of work but feel that their work life and personal goals are not in balance, strategic coaching is a valuable way to regain harmony and purpose.

Q. Are you a placement service?

A. No. Although we do not directly offer job opportunities with local employers, we do help you learn how to network and can help you develop productive contacts.

Strategic Coaching

Available for individuals or for work teams
  • Do you feel out of balance with your work and personal life?
  • Do you want to increase your productivity and effectiveness ?
  • Do you want to feel more fulfilled by the work you do?
  • Do you want to work smarter, not harder?
Then you may be ready to work with a strategic coach.

Coaching can help you:
  • Clarify the vision of what you really want
  • Identify and achieve personal and professional goals
  • Devise action plans and strategies to get results
  • Move through obstacles, difficulties and procrastination
  • Keep focused, productive and on track
  • Create a more balanced, fulfilling life each day
  • Develop skills to increase your effectiveness
  • Become a change master
  • Deal with difficult people and situations
  • Master the art of self-renewal
  • Share the journey with others by enrolling in a two-day Refocusing class

With Deeta's help, clients successfully resolve these kinds of concerns:

Identifying skills & interests
Job search techniques
Resumé development and critique
Interviewing techniques
Negotiating higher salaries
Decision making & prioritizing
Finding balance in your life
Understanding your learning styles
Understanding communication styles
Career planning in the 21st century
Problem performance reviews
Resolving conflicts with co-workers

Creating your own job
Surviving downsizing
Surviving burnout
Managing change
Stress management
Time management
Clarifying values
Handling difficult people
Life after layoff
Dual-career couples
Choosing a college major
Building relationships with supervisors

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