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Are you training talent....for your competitors? Your business advantage depends on attracting, retaining, and developing the best in your employees. Career Transitions provides the tools, processes, learning and performance support to help you build and grow your "human capital."
Designing and facilitating training
Management consulting
Executive coaching
Keynote presentations
Meeting facilitation
Your employees' skills and competencies are critical to your business strategy. Development planning provides your employees and managers with the tools to solve business issues, improve performance, and grow your organization. 
Development planning for individuals Development planning for managers
Setting the context
Setting the development context
Organizational assessment
Developing insight into business strategy and challenges
Self-assessment (competencies, interests and values)
Determining team strengths and weaknesses to meet specific challenges
Setting goals and creating individual development plans
Encouraging employee initiative for development
Getting support and taking action
Coaching skills - offering perspective and support
Guidelines for development discussions
Development discussion practice and feedback

Development planning and talent management training is conducted
with the resources of Conceptual Systems, Inc.


- Career & Life Planning
- Career Coaching Techniques
- Career Development Facilitator
  Certification Training
- Career Transitions for Athletes
- Choosing a College Major
- Counseling Skills for Managers
- Conflict Resolution
- Customer Service
- Dealing with Change
- Dealing with Resistance
- Decision Making & Prioritizing
- Goal Setting & Action Planning
- Handling Career Transitions
- Identifying & Clarifying Values
- Identifying Transferable Skills
 -Implementing Career Planning &
  Decision Making Across the Curriculum
- Improving Communication Skills
- Increasing Personal Effectiveness
  - Interviewing & Salary Negotiation
- Job Search Techniques
- Leadership Skills
- Managing Change
- Management & Supervisory Training
Mastering the Art of Self-Renewal
- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
- Navigating Transitions
- Powerful Presentations
- Reinventing Your Career
- Resumes That Get Noticed
- Sharpening Communication Skills
- Stages of Adult Development
- Stress Management
- Support Staff Development
- Team Building
- Time Management
- Train the Trainer
- Understanding Learning Styles
- Written Business Communication


HomeIndividual Services  -  Employer/Business Services  -  Classes & Workshops
Resources & Links  -  Sports Transitions  -  Meet Deeta Lonergan

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