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Small- group classes are offered 3-4 times yearly. Free seminars are available at the Anchorage Daily News Job Fair, the annual Alaska Women's Show, and at various employer fairs.

If you are under 35 today, you will job hunt every 1 to 3 years.
If you are over 35 today, you will job hunt every 5 to 8 years.

Richard N. Bolles, career author, What Color Is Your Parachute?

Only 20% of people will have “good” jobs in the 21st century

Jeremy Rifkin, congressional economist, The End of Work

Jobs as we know them will not exist in the 21st century

William Bridges, change consultant, Job Shift

Downsizing, rightsizing, outsourcing, contract will you survive?

Reinventing Your Career: Finding Opportunity in the Midst of Change

Choose this 10-week course if your work life is not a good fit.

The average adult will have 3 to 5 careers over his or her lifetime. This 30-hour course offers practical steps for 'what's next' in your career and a comprehensive, in-depth approach you can use to successfully navigate each new transition point in years to come. Identify your skills, interests and values to develop a rewarding career/life plan. Job search methods, resumé writing, interviewing, salary negotiations, how to master the job hunt and create a job for yourself.

This class is regularly offered to the public three times a year. For groups or work teams of six people or more, Reinventing Your Career can also be arranged directly for custom presentation.

Current class schedule and registration forms

Refocusing: Managing Chapters & Navigating Life Transitions

Based on the Life Launch model of Frederic Hudson.

Choose this 2-day course if your work life fits, but personal life is out of balance.

Does it feel like your job is on the right track but the rest of your life is still back at the station? Our lives are constantly bombarded with changes that can affect our work/life balance. Learn to dream new dreams and launch new chapters in your life! This two-day seminar provides the framework, process and tools to guide you through the years ahead with vision and thoughtful planning.

Current class schedule and registration forms

Deeta Lonergan of Career Transitions and Gwen Kennedy of Kennedy and Associates team up to bring you dynamic new seminars.

What's Next: Finding Purpose, Passion and Adventure in the Next Third of Your Life. Visit for more information and schedules for Two Hour Exploration Sessions, Weekend Retreats, 9 Month Programs and 5 Day Intensives.

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